GameStop Expo 2016: All About The VR

I’ve always been a peripheral member of the gaming community. I played Final Fantasy X when I was in elementary school, my first foray into RPG. I was a sponsored Rock Band player for a while, but that was mostly on YouTube and years ago. Even after those sponsored days, I had always kept up-to-date […]


What to Look Forward to at Long Beach Comic Con!

Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC) has been a local favorite in Southern California, and the convention only looks to be getting bigger and better. Here are some of the panels and events we are looking forward to at LBCC this weekend at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. Firefly Galore: Firefly will have a huge presence […]


Movie Magic through Music: A Night with John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl

John Williams is a hero to many grade school musicians: seeing that I was an avid band geek from elementary school to high school, I definitely considered him a hero. He was the first composer whose work I distinctly recognized in my geeky childhood, largely thanks to my older brother’s teachings of how movie magic […]


Episode 17: Video Game Reviews and What’s Coming to and Leaving Netflix!

There won’t be any lollygaggin’ in our newest episode where we touch bases on some of our favorite video games, both recent and upcoming, plus what’s coming to and leaving Netflix. We mention the vast uncertainty (and unhappiness) of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, the new and improved Skyrim coming out this October, as well […]

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